Simple precast concrete and Douglas Fir bench collaboration with Dan Jovick

Simple precast concrete and Douglas Fir bench collaboration with Dan Jovick

My family and I went to Ashland, Oregon a few weeks ago on our kids' spring break. This is where Hattie and I started this crazy journey we've been on since we decided to move to the West Coast. Ashland has always been our Plan B. If all else fails, we can, for the most part, step back into our lives there. We've got some great friends who, over the years, have become family to us.

I became good friends with a contractor that I worked with often. He helped me raise the bar on my work. He allowed to me chase rabbits down holes and see where they led. They usually ended up somewhere really interesting and outside of the box. Pushing the boundaries of what I was doing at the time. Getting me out of my comfort zone. (Ironically, that seems to be where I thrive and live these days.)

After having left Ashland, we stayed in touch via texts, social media, etc. watching our families grow but we hadn't seen each other in almost 9 years. NINE YEARS!!! This is a really good friend of mine who helped me get to where I am in my career today. NINE YEARS!!!


Life has a way of doing this though. But recently, I've found that I need to reconnect with the people who've had a profound influence on where I am today. Sadly, some of those people aren't around anymore when I am realizing this but their influence lives on in my work.

Anyway, we went over to his home for dinner with some other friends and talked shop, watched our kids play together, drank beer and ate food. It's like we never missed a step. Just like old times, only with kids.

We were walking around the house and checking out the property and there it was. By his front door was a simple bench. It was a collaboration of ours from years ago. Just like our friendship, simple and solid.

So here's to keeping in touch with the people who have helped us all get to where we are today...CHEERS!